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Quiet Hour

Through our work with people with a wide range of disabilities, we understand that the "regular" shopping experience can be too overwhelming for some.

Bright lights, strong smells, music and pager messages - it can create a sensory overload, which isn't uncommon for people with autism.

That's why we created Quiet Hour. Already a success in the UK, Cara brought Quiet Hour to Australia in a national first in May, 2016.

We hold semi-regular Quiet Hours with The Good Guys Mile End.

We've also supported the World's Best Supermarket, Frewville Foodland to hold regular Quiet Hours (so popular they're technically Quiet 90 Minutes) on Tuesdays from 6.30pm to 8pm.

Now, Pasadena Foodland is hosting Quiet Hours on Wednesdays from 6.30pm to 8pm.

We have information about Cara Quiet Hour for shoppers at the supermarkets during the trial - or download a copy here.

How does Quiet Hour work?

Staff from Cara's Specialist Services team work with each store to see what can be minimised to make it more sensory friendly. This could be things like dimming lights, turning off music, reducing other noises and removing items with strong smells.

Then, importantly, Cara staff train the shop staff about sensory overload, how to support someone experiencing a "meltdown" and why Quiet Hour is so effective.

During the trial stage, Cara staff members are on hand to inform shoppers about why the store looks different and provide sensory items for anyone who would like them.

We get lots of feedback about Cara Quiet Hour - lots of people enjoy the experience of a calm and quiet shop!

Want to bring a Cara Quiet Hour to your local supermarket or shop?

Use your power as a customer! Contact your local store manager and get them to get in touch with us - phone 08 8347 4588 or email feedback@cara.org.au

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