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Who can use Personalised Day Options?

Currently supporting school leavers in Port Lincoln, Cara’s Personalised Day Options is perfect for adults aged 18 and older who have finished school but who aren’t ready for the work force.

What is Personalised Day Options?

The program is all about increasing independence, growing social skills, learning new skills and having fun in the local community. You might enjoy some of the projects, including:

  • Snorkelling
  • Sewing skills,including making aprons and ironing-board covers
  • Cooking and independent living skills
  • Sensory and adventure walks
  • Tie-dye
  • Card making
  • Crafts, including beadwork
  • Working in partnership with other organisations to build job-ready skills.

The Personalised Day Options participants and staff have been selling some of their work to fund resources for their next projects.


The Personalised Day Options participants took part in a project with Country Arts SA and Port Lincoln City Council to create mosaics with other community members as part of a larger project. Some of the mosaics will be displayed around Port Lincoln, including in front of the Port Lincoln Visitors’ Information Centre!

Using your NDIS funding 

Funding for Personalised Day Options is recognised by the NDIS under these terms:

  • Improved relationships
  • Improved daily living skills

Want to know more about Cara’s services in Port Lincoln?

Please contact the Cara Connect Team on:

Telephone: 08 8347 4588


 Parent feedback about Personalised Day Options

Melissa and Kye Poole

Melissa Poole - Parent and proactive supporter/Port Lincoln special needs community

I would like to praise the dedicated staff at Cara for actioning this much-needed day options programme here in Port Lincoln. I was part of a team of parents that realised the need for social and employment programmes for young adults transitioning into adult life once their schooling was complete.

My son Kye has been attending the programme and I have noticed improvements in his social skills, verbal skills, fine motor and cognitive processing through the many opportunities that the new Cara programme is exposing Kye to, such as sewing, swimming, cooking, art, craft, lunch outings, gardening, gym circuits, excursions and having input into what choices Kye wants for the planning of the programmes menu each week .

I find the Port Lincoln staff Joy and Tara to be very consistent  respectful of our families’ needs while keeping to the schedule catering for my son’s and the rest of the Cara day options clients’ needs each week, which is paramount in reducing anxieties for special needs clients in general. I find the choices very stimulating for each member as I witness the engagement from each individual.

I  feel that programmes of this nature are vital to not only keep being viable for young adults in our community with special needs especially rural areas as there doesn't seem to be the amount of activities as there are in the  city. I’d like to see Cara expanding its programme to not only fill the gap for opportunities for young adults accessing Cara but to also  create bridges  between the special needs and neurotypical community to educate and create better awareness  of people with disabilities in communities as a whole .

If these programmes aren't kept viable for special needs young adults in rural areas it effects their mental and physical health due to isolating them from their social networks and creating family breakdown due to financial and emotional strains on them and their family members which is a huge cost to not only the families themselves but the governments health a whole.

My hope for the future for our special needs young adults in Port Lincoln is that we continue programmes like Cara day options to give our special needs youth the opportunity to showcase their assets to their community "your community" with the positive resilient independent wellbeing that programmes such as Cara day options can continue to provide.

I  am extremely confident that this can be achieved to benefit the Port Lincoln community as a whole with what I have witnessed so far for my son and his peers. Our hope as parents of special-needs young adults for them is to dream, believe and achieve their goals and to raise confident, young stars to contribute  to society despite the  challenges they may face. 

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