Quiet Hour trial with Frewville Foodland

Frewville Foodland

Cara is proud to partner with Adelaide's Finest Supermarkets, Frewville Foodland, for a month of Quiet Hour sensory-friendly shopping experiences.

Started by Cara, Quiet Hour is an Australian-first which recognises that the "regular" shopping experience can be too overwhelming for people with sensory overload. Not uncommon for people with autism, sensory overload is when everyday things like lights, music, sounds or smells can become overwhelming.

Cara is supporting Frewville Foodland to host a month of Quiet Hours on Tuesdays from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, held on:

July 12

July 19

July 26

August 2

Everyone is welcome to shop at that time and experience the different shopping experience which is Quiet Hour.

The lights will be dimmed, "beep" volume on the checkouts turned down, music and pages messages turned off, shelf restocking paused and smells minimised where possible.

Foodland staff have received training from Cara about sensory overload and they are very supportive.

If Quiet Hour would work for you or your loved ones, please come and shop! If you can't make it but you'd like to offer feedback about other times/locations, please email feedback@cara.org.au