Who can use it?

Children and adults looking for full-time supported disability accommodation.

How does it work?

Cara can work with you in a range of supported accommodation for people with disability. We are committed to working with you to find the place that’s right for you.

Accommodation is provided by Housing SA, private landlords and a number of community housing associations, including Access 2 Place, Unity Housing, Julia Farr Housing and Bedford.

You, as the tenant, sign the rental agreement with the housing provider. Cara provides the staff to support you.

Cara supports people living in accommodation which includes

Traditional share houses, or group homes 

Dew St credit Rossdale Homes

You share a house with other people who also have disabilities. You have your own room and sometimes your own bathroom. You share living spaces and outdoor areas.  There is a staff bedroom in the house, too.

Image credit: Rossdale Homes

Cluster site accommodation

Cluster site Chillingworth

A group of units on one site. You have your own unit with your own bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and courtyard or backyard. There is a staff unit on the same site.

Concierge apartments

Woodville West credit Renewal SA

A number of apartments dotted throughout a new block at Woodville West. Cara has a “concierge” apartment in the same building and concierge staff can support tenants remotely to control the lights, air conditioner and open the apartment door if the tenant wishes.

Image credit: Renewal SA

Click here to watch a video about Cara’s concierge service at Woodville West

Cara can also support you to buy your own property or to find housemates if you have room in your family home. Cara supports children and adults with accommodation across Adelaide and all over South Australia.  

Want to know more?

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Telephone: 08 8347 4588

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