Cara Service Agreement and Schedule of Rates

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A Service Agreement is made between a person (or a person's authorised representative) and Cara.

An authorised representative is someone close to the person, for example, a family member, Guardian or Independent Advocate.

Cara utilise Service Agreements to ensure that the responsibilities and wishes of the person, and responsibilities of Cara are clear and agreed upon. It is also a requirement of the NDIA that Service Agreements are in place.

Click here to download a copy of Cara's Service Agreement

Click here to download a copy of Cara's Schedule of Rates

At Cara, we want all of our communications to be accesible, please click here to download some information on our Service Agreements in Easy Read format.

If you have any questions regaring Cara's Service Agreement or Schedule of Rates, please contact the Cara Connect Team on 08 8347 4588 or email

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